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SINCE 1920

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The Yuengling Family has a long history of making quality products in Pennsylvania.

The Yuengling’s first began making gourmet ice cream back in 1920 when Frank Yuengling started a dairy business during Prohibition to help support the family brewery. Yuengling Dairy Products made incredible ice cream from 1920 to 1985 and has fostered fond memories for generations of Pennsylvanians.

For all those who have asked, and for the many others who have not had the opportunity to try Yuengling’s ice cream, credit Frank Yuengling’s great grandson, David Yuengling, business partner Rob Bohorad and the team at YIC - Online Distributors as the visionaries who give you the chance to enjoy Yuengling’s Ice Cream online!

In 2014, David and Rob brought back the great tradition of the Yuengling’s Super Premium Ice Cream brand and an American classic was reborn. Proudly and with pleasure, YIC - Online Distributors LLC, serves as the exclusive Yuengling’s Ice Cream online partner for sales, marketing and fulfillment.

Yuengling’s Ice Cream and YIC - Online Distributors have taken the utmost care to create and deliver a gourmet ice cream product that stands up to the Yuengling’s Family tradition of quality and value. Try it and we believe you’ll love it! Our product is super premium, starting with local milk and cream that has no added hormones. We produce all of our ice cream in a small dairy in central Pennsylvania and, whenever possible, source our ingredients from local suppliers.

We encourage you to order Yuengling’s Ice Cream online and see why it’s been a favorite for over 65 years!

Yuengling's Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

Cookies and Cream

Yuenglings Teaberry Ice Cream


Yuenglins Cherry Vanilla Chunk Ice Cream

Cherry Vanilla Chunk

Yuenglings Black and Tan Ice Cream
Black and Tan
Yuenglings Butterbeer Ice Cream


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